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Teach you how to distinguish the quality of good or bad thermostat?

For good or bad quality on the market by selling the thermostat, I believe very few people can distinguish it. Today we teach forest automation for quality thermostat how to identify, what are the methods?
The quality of the thermostat to identify, distinguish mainly from the following aspects:
1, see the configuration of the thermostat - relay. It is a key part of the output control, the thermostat generally the most important device is the relay, while on the relay there are many types can be divided into domestic, foreign and Taiwan these three products, and currently the most extraordinary is that the domestic production relays, so, if the thermostat of good quality, then it is at least better quality using the relay.
2, look at the thermostat CPU, the thermostat is in use, its own accuracy and stability is very important, for accuracy and stability are thermostat controlled by the CPU.
3, see the thermostat power supply, generally there are two, namely transformers and switching power supply control. In these two ways, depending on the characteristics they have, it is best to use the power supply transformer.
I hope you can remember about how to identify the thermostat and methods can be applied to practice, then I believe you will choose to go to a good quality thermostat.
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